Friday, 27 April 2012

Beauty in The Making

Yesterday evening I went to the European premiere of "Linotype The Film" and it was brilliant! It was a clever and most engaging piece of documentary film making which neatly combined the historical aspects of this incredible invention by Ottmar Mergenthaler in the late 19th century with the world changing consequences and nearly a hundred years of service making mass print communication a reality and it's relatively recent commercial demise. It's amazing just how many people are still interested in the machine and the process and are keeping it alive.
I loved it. Here is the review with the trailer that I posted earlier in the year:   

The film was screened as one of the evening events at the week long "Beauty in The Making" expo in London hosted by that other, Hull based, paper company! At an exhibition space in London's Bloomsbury, they set up an exhibition which covered everything from paper making and technology to letterpress printing on Adana presses, handmade envelope demonstrations and a Monotype exhibit featuring some of Eric Gill's original sketches for Gill Sans. All in all, it was an excellent event. are pics, to give you a flavour: 

Doug Wilson, director and producer, of Linotype The Film, with Q&A's after the film screening:
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