Friday, 13 April 2012

Colorset recycled paper gets recycled!

Here's a truly recycled story that's been recyled again...
A couple of years ago, London design company No Days Off printed their stationery and posters on our Colorset White (100% Recycled) 120 & 270gsm. It even appeared on one of my early posts:

Having just moved to a new studio last year, London-based No Days Off needed to get new stationery printed. Being designers, they naturally saw an opportunity to refresh their own identity. But what to do with all the redundant old business cards and letterheads? Recycle them, of course...

Patrick Duffy from No Days Off explains...
"We wondered whether we might be able to do something a bit more interesting than just sticking [the old stationery] in the recycle bin and buying in a load of new paper - In our minds, the simplest thing to do was to just pulp all this old paper and make it into new paper, and then print our new stationery on that," Duffy continues. "Direct recycling, cutting out the middle-man. Easy, we thought...

"It all seemed pretty abvious to us, but like all seemingly simple ideas, it proved to be less than straightforward. Most of the people we approached said they couldn’t do it. But then Justin at Fenner put us on to Jim Patterson of Two Rivers Paper, and all our paper pulping prayers were answered"

and even better than that, they even made a video of the paper being pulped and made (by James Boughen). I urge you to have a look as it's great although due to my own technical ineptitude, I can't seem to embed the clip in this blog E blogger doesn't seem to like vimeo!)

Watch the video on this link:

You can read more about the stationery here:

Letterpress printing is by Adams of Rye.

It's worth pointing out that as a result of this great idea, we didn't get an order for any paper, but hey, it's still a lovely story....

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