Tuesday, 10 April 2012

It's Nice That is 5

Last week, It's Nice That, celebrated their 5th birthday with the launch of their new site. Designed by INT Works and built by With Associates, the new site is the third generation of the It’s Nice That site.
Do have a look... www.itsnicethat.com

It was great to be invited to share in their celebrations - they asked friends, collaborators and anyone who's helped along the way, to the pub to toast their birthday. So last Thursday evening after work, a pretty sizeable gathering met up at the Barley Mow in Curtain Road to celebrate.

Not the best picture of the year, but it gives you the flavour... it was such a balmy evening, nearly everyone was outside! 
Congratulations to everyone at Its Nice That, especially to Will and Alex who had that dream 5 years ago, got their heads down and stuck to it ...Happy Birthday
Posted by Justin Hobson 10.04.2012

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