Wednesday, 16 May 2012

William & Son - Engagement Rings

This is a beautifully produced little publication produced by William & Son of London for their range of engagement rings. It is a small 'handbag' size of 110mm square. The book has a 4pp cover with a 20pp 'French folded' text (which confusingly actually makes it 40pp!) and is perfect bound.

The text pages are printed on our Marazion Ultra 115gsm with the natural, flat mattness which works fantastically reproducing the metallics and the jewels...
The cover is a Buckram embossed board from that other, Hull based paper merchant! As you can see from the pic below the inside of the french folds are printed with the William & Son brand patterning.

Design is by Material Organisation, based in London. Creative Director is Sam Wilson, designer on the project is Rosy Tsai. There are some beautiful touches on this piece including the hand tied ribbon around the cover (see image at the top of the post).

...and thanks to Rosy for taking the time to send me  a copy and a lovely note:

Print and the excellent finishing (french folding is nice and square) is by Generation Press.

Posted by Justin Hobson 16.05.2012

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