Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Stardream ..some exciting news!

As most regular readers will know, I don't write this blog to shamelessly 'flog' our papers and I rarely just plug our products ...but I'm going to now!

I'm very pleased to announce here that we (here at Fenner Paper) are now the UK stockists of STARDREAM.

For many of you, Stardream will need no introduction, it's the market leading pearlescent and metallic paper range produced by the Cordenons paper mill in Italy. Many people have become fans of the light irridescent finishes and the dual sided deep metallic finishes which do truly shimmer.

...and it comes in 31 shimmering shades! 
Stardream is used for a wide range of applications, including cover, presentation folders, Invitations, greetings cards, luxury packaging and a whole host of other stuff that I haven't thought of!

As well as being available in the 31 shades, it comes in a good weight range. All items are available in 120gsm and 285gsm with some of the most popular items also available in 340gsm board and a 110gsm one sided (particularly used for luxury packaging - paper over board boxes and casebound covers). And if that weren't enough, the range also includes three embossings, Orion, Seta and Cannetè.

You can see the whole range here: http://www.cordenons.co.uk/

..and here's our lovely new swatch...
One of the most important things about these ranges is good availability and we certainly don't want to disappoint! So, we have put every single item of the mill's stock range into our warehouse here in Tonbridge, so availability should be truly excellent (- we hope!)

Here's a picture of the Cordenons mill and paper machine in Italy:

...and there's even a picture of me shaking hands at the mill on our new agreement, with the mill's (special) agent Terry Wakeman.
If you would like to receive one of the new Stardream swatches, just email me (justin@fennerpaper.co.uk) and I'll pop one in the post.

Posted by Justin Hobson 22.05.2012


  1. Hi Justin - love the blog. This is great news for you. Didn't Robert Horne used to do this? Good luck Aleks

  2. Hey J, this is big news for you! - even better that they didn't offer it to that other hull based paper company!!! Kepp up the great work on the blog JohnnyB

  3. Hello Justin. This is brilliant news! I used to use StarDream but gave up as Robert Horne mede it impossible as they NEVER had stock - they were useless! I'll email you directly for some prices. Cheers Amanda Powell

  4. Justin - you are a STAR in the amazing world of paper and this new range must be a DREAM come true! Keep blogging love Sophie


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