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There are property brochures and there are property brochures - this is simply an amazing property brochure!

AirW1 is a Grade II listed building which incorporates the old Regent Palace Hotel in Piccadilly and has been converted to provide a mix of office, retail, residential and restaurant space around a stunning central atrium. More than half of the hotel’s original fa├žade has been retained and repaired and significant sections of its exquisite Art Deco interiors restored and reinstated with four glamorous 1930s entertainment venues being completely restored within the redevelopment (...another point of interest, I discovered is that the offices will be serviced by a high-tech energy centre powered by a cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell).

The Crown Estate appointed DN&Co as the branding agency for the property which included all aspects, such as signage, website, marketing and this brochure.
This brochure exudes quality of art direction, typography, design and print and finishing. Taking design cues from the building's heritage, an "Art Deco" identity involving a bespoke brand typeface was the chosen route.
Size is 210x270mm, portrait. The cover is a standard 4pp cover with 2 pieces (front and back) of Astralux 250gsm mounted onto our 2000mic Vale Board giving a very thick cover. The boards are cut away 15mm from the spine. The front cover has an angled die cut in the bottom right hand corner with the underneath cover board showing. The high gloss Astralux has been de-bossed with the signature brand pattern, which if you enlarge the pic below, you should be able to see.

Inside the text is printed in CMYK plus a pantone special gold 
The 72pp text is printed on our Omnia 150gsm. The beautiful photography looks amazing. Reproduction is superb whilst still having an excellent bulk with a tactile and engaging feel.

And in case you hadn't noticed, the pics of the spreads have something unusual about them, they are lying flat with perfect readovers.

This job incorporates a new 'Layflat binding' technique. It was important for this job in particular, which is designed to work as spreads and it works - it opens completely flat and open - and it doesn't fall apart. To be honest when you see a book opening as well as this, you have to question why anyone would use conventional binding ever again!

The section dividers printed in Pantone gold looks really like gold!

Another particularly beautiful touch is the production of a bespoke branded "capacity" envelope with 14mm capacity:

Design is by London design agency DN&Co who specialise in property branding. Creative Director is Ben Dale. Print production including the layflat binding is by Push.

I just spotted that this is shortlisted on the DesignWeek awards listings - and so it should, as it is a superb piece of literature

Post by Justin Hobson 09.05.2012

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