Friday, 25 May 2012

Print Club London

I was pleased to receive two lovely prints in the post from Print Club London. They are from a collection of prints produced at  PICK ME UP 2012 (the contemporary graphic art fair) at Somerset House in London at the end of March.
Print Club London's space at the fair was a journey through the print process, from the designers hand to the ink on the table all the way through to the gallery - a physical journey through the process of print. Visitors were invited to "PULL A PRINT" with help from the screenprinters.

They relocated Millers Junction, Print Club's new creative studio alongside the Print Club studios and gallery so visitors could walk through each stage of design with the resident artists. Each day the artists were working and printing allowing visitors to discuss the projects in progress and see print in action. Over 40 prints were especially designed for the show.

Designers included: Arran Gregory, Dominic Owen, Alice Hoult, Pure Evil, Hugh Barrell, Esther McManus, Margot Bowman, Rose Stallard, Tal Drori, Mr Gresty and many more!

...and here are the lovely prints they kindly sent me:

Rose Stallard

Alice Hoult
These prints and all the prints produced at the show are produced on our Redeem 100% Recycled 300gsm.

If you don't know about Print Club London, you should! They are a silkscreen print studio - basically you can be a member, turn up and print! simple as that. Have a look:  

Thanks very much to Kate Newbold and Rose Stallard for the prints.

 Posted by Justin Hobson 25.05.2012

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