Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Defining Luxury

The old expression that you can't judge a book by it's cover, gets disproved time an time again on this blog! Here is an example where the cover totally sets the tone and quality for the text.
'Defining Luxury' is a book of case studies, produced to demonstrate how Conran Design Group works with Luxury brands and is therfore intended to impress, which it does very well.

The publication is 210x285mm, portrait. The cover, which is the star of the piece, is hot foil blocked in white gloss foil and metallic silver foil and as you can see from the pictures below, it is simply stunning.
One of the really important things to draw your attention to is the way that the cover is formed. Essentially it is an 8pp cover, with the flaps folding on the outside rather than on the inside. There is grey, cloth binding tape along the spine and the flaps are glued down forming a really solid cover, which almost has the solidity of a casebound book. The material used for the cover is our Matrisse 350gsm which is uncoated, has an exceptionally high bulk and embosses and foils beautifully - as you can see!
Spine detail
The 40pp text is printed on a 'house' coated silk but is singer sewn which again, gives the book a quality feel (and allows the pages to lay relatively flat)

Creative Director on the project is Lee Hoddy and the designer on the project is Tom Mesquitta. Print and exceptional finishing and foiling is by Chapter Press.

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