Thursday, 7 November 2013

Overgrown Tour 2013

You may have heard in the news last week that singer-songwriter James Blake won the Mercury Prize for the album Overgrown, beating David Bowie.

Well the other bit of good news is that the posters for his Overgrown Tour are printed on our lovely paper!
European Tour

Size of the posters is 670x485mm and they are printed in four colour process plus one special, offset litho. The beautiful illustration by Kate Hiley has a lot of detail, dark colouring and reversed out type with the tour locations, so it was essential to keep a lot of detail. At the same time, in order to work with the illustration a coated paper was not desirable, a more tactile material was looked for. Omnia was chosen because it has all the tactile qualities of an uncoated material but reproduces fine detail and dark colours amazingly. Printed on Omnia White 200gsm. A subtle fifth colour was printed on the outside border which dulled the shade of the paper but which made the comets "pop" out a bit more (thanks for the inside info Ed)
North America
Close up detail

...even closer detail!
Design is by Burgess Studio. Creative Director is Alexis Burgess, designer on the project is Ed Cornish. Illustration is by Kate Hiley.

Print is by London based Jigsaw Colour. This poster was printed with no coating (sealer) the result is beautifully flat, matt and tactile -  just how it should be.
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