Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Run & Achieve

Run & Achieve is the creation of Lily Mo, an Edinburgh jewellery designer. They are bracelets for half-marathon and marathon runners with the distances engraved – each bracelet is handmade in Edinburgh using sterling silver and cord that is water resistant.

This elegant packaging was designed and produced by Evgenia Kochkina, based in Edinburgh and is a brilliant piece of packaging design.
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The card is 95mm square and is letterpress printed in two colours - a metallic silver halftone and dark orange and dark orange on the reverse. It is printed on our Matrisse 350gsm, which is very bulky, and is then duplexed making this 700gsm and 1mm thick. There are die cut notches for the cord to sit in and the cards are also 'round cornered'. The card gets inserted into a wallet (115mm square) made from Matrisse 350gsm which is letterpress printed in the same two colours on one side only.
If you click on the image to enlarge the picture, you'll be able to see the coarse screen of the halftone in silver - wonderfully effective use of halftone and letterpress.
You can read more about the project here:
Design, print and production is by Evgenia Kochkina at Stoneberry Press in Edinburgh. Her email says "I only discovered Matrisse qualities during this job. Very elegant paper and good for colours!"

This is a very simple, elegantly produced packaging solution ..and with the perfect paper!
Posted by Justin Hobson 21.07.2015

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