Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Introducing Letterpress Junction

It's not everyday that a new printing company sets up and it certainly might surprise you when I tell you that this new venture only prints using Letterpress! The new press is set up in the beautiful cathedral city of Canterbury and they have some of the very latest old equipment! They are equipped with both metal and wood type, a 'Thompson British Auto Platen'  and have also acquired another press a 'Miehle V50X '.
Letterpress Junction is a partnership between letterpress printer Glenn Church and typefounder Ed Denovan, between them boasting more years experience than they want me to mention!
They have produced a suite of printed literature to announce their 'Jobbing Letterpress Service'
The posters are 450x318mm, printed in two colours
...and these 4pp cards which are 183x130mm, portrait and printed on our Modigliani Neve 260gsm
...detail below, showing all the type well bottomed out and working with the feltmarked texture of the board (Modigiani has a texture reminiscent of a watercolour paper)
Click on images to enlarge
...and another poster 450x318mm, also printed in two colours. You can see they are hanging up to dry - unlike modern printing, the inks need time to dry.
Here's a picture of their  'Thompson British Auto Platen'  in situ

 a selection of their wooden type:
and a great example showing what is called a 'printers fist'
I can only wish this intrepid printing duo the very best of luck and goodwill. They have a passion for doing what they do and unlike some "letterpressy" individuals, they don't see themselves as artists, they are describe themselves as 'jobbing printers' to serve the graphic design market ...so why not give them a job - NOW!


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