Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Primark A/W lookbook

Primark is widely established as the destination store for keeping up with the latest looks without breaking the bank. They offer a diverse range of products, stocking everything from baby and kids, to womens, mens, home ware, accessories, beauty products and confectionery. Primark opened its first store in Dublin in 1969 under the name Penneys and today operates in over 270 stores in nine countries in Europe and growing with the first US store opening in Boston last year.
This is the beautifully produced lookbook produced for last year's Autumn/Winter season. It is a large format - 340x245mm, which economical out of a B1 sheet.
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The publication is printed on our Shiro Echo, Bright White, which is 100% Recycled. The 4pp cover is printed on 300gsm and the 44pp text is on 120gsm. It is printed offset litho in CMYK throughout.
The cover is also hot foil blocked and embossed in a semi transparent pearlescent foil, as you can see in the image below....
...and not to forget the men! The men's range is also included going from the back cover towards the spine or what I have described before as a 'double-ender' - the cover as you can see below with the cover spread out...
 The Men's also has the cover, hot foil blocked and embossed in a semi transparent pearlescent foil.
...a particularly nice touch is the use of the 'loop stitching' as binding.
 The 48pp publication, sits nice and flat
The quality of the art direction, photography, repro, print and finishing is superb. The paper also happens to have performed brilliantly - fleshtones and jewellery details equally looking superb.
Primark's international Headquarters are in Dublin and the UK offices are in London. Art direction and design is by London creative agency Odd. Print, repro and finishing is by Gavin Martin Colournet, based in London E3.

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