Friday, 29 April 2016

Architect IPA

This is a good post for the Friday before a Bank Holiday weekend's about beer! The Architect IPA is a limited edition Festival ale celebrating six of Glasgows most notable architects of the past, is brewed especially for the Scottish Festival of Architecture.

The Festival is a major, year-long, Scotland-wide celebration led by The Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland which brings Scottish architecture to life and is a key part of the 2016 Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. The Festival of Architecture 2016 is designed to be an engaging, inclusive and Scotland-wide celebration. The Festival is a partnership of over one hundred organisations, a nationwide event that will show how architecture touches everyone’s lives. This truly global Festival is designed to reach out to the broadest audience – local, national and international.
Produced in collaboration with Drygate and Graphical House the Architect IPA is a limited edition Festival ale celebrating six of Glasgows most notable architects of the past. Alexander 'Greek' Thomson, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Gillespie Kidd and Coia, Basil Spence, Robert Adam and Honeyman and Keppie were selected through a public vote and the work of each architect has inspired the Architect IPA labels and wraps.
The Architect IPA will be sold from the specially designed Architect Bar. A pop-up bar design which has been informed through in-depth research of the Glasgow pub typology, and its development through the years. The Architect IPA will be available at events throughout the Festival which celebrate the work and themes of each of the selected architects.
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The size of the wraps is 190x270mm, a flap folding over to make the finished size of 136x270mm. On the reverse side of the wraps is a biography about each of the architects. A well written, interesting and useful addition to a beer label.
Each is printed offset litho onto our Offenbach Bible 60gsm. The sheets are then hand wrapped and affixed around the 750ml bottles.
Offenbach Bible is the perfect paper for this project, as it is light enough to be easily wrapped around a bottle, has an almost 'tissuey' feel and yet prints amazingly. The wraps are printed offset litho in CMYK.
Here they are in all their glory... 
The ale was launched last month (17th March) at this launch event.
Design and Art direction is by Graphical House, based in Glasgow and the creative director is Colin Raeburn. Superb printing is by J. Thompson Colour Printers in Glasgow.
A wonderful beery way to start the weekend ...!

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