Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Style & Truth

London clothing company Jigsaw has unveiled its ‘Lived not modelled’ spring/summer 2016 campaign. Furthering the ‘Style and Truth’ brand message which was launched in 2014, this publication is issue number 4 and contains eighteen articles about a wide range of subjects from Linen production to an article about short story telling by novelist Sarah Butler.
My particular interest in this 94 page publication is the use of our Colorset 100% Recycled as a section divider, introducing a new collection for Spring Summer 2016 called Foundation.
The divider page is on the right hand side and introduces the new collection. Size is 265x220mm and it is printed in just one colour, offset litho on Colorset Light Grey 270gsm  and heavily blind embossed with the word FOUNDATION which I hope you will be able to see in the below image:
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The reverse of the divider is printed solid in one colour and you can see the reverse of the heavy embossing here
The divider is also punched with a small hole, in the same style as a swing tag.
But that's not all! ...there is a "tipped in" sample of linen cloth, which has been mounted using a piece of the same Colorset:
Image showing detail of tipped in linen sample:
All in all it is a really understated, yet engaging piece of literature which has been superbly finished. One interesting facet is this 8pp gatefold insert, which has been inserted into the middle of the publication - and when I say middle I mean middle as in top to bottom or head to foot - that is a clever piece of finishing:
Editor in Chief is Ana Santi. Design is by the Jigsaw in house design team. Print is by CPI Connect with the project handled by James Howe.

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