Thursday, 14 July 2016

ISTD Student Awards 2016

Last Friday, I was invited to  the ISTD Student awards ceremony, hosted by Pentagram at their studio in Notting Hill with one of the newest partners Luke Powell, presenting the certificates to the successful students and tutors.

It was a beautiful summer evening, and as with all ISTD events it was a very warm and friendly occasion with beer, wine and nibbles all laid on.
This presentation evening was for the main Student Assessment scheme held in the UK and Ireland. Students from Universities and Institutions around the UK and Ireland answered a number of briefs written by the ISTD's Education team. This is an international education scheme and the assessments for other regions of the globe are on-going and in fact on Friday, there were two awards made to two young ladies who came all the way from Sri Lanka – Sushanthi Dissanayake and Fathimah Azmah Nihar from Academy of Design, Columbo, Sri Lanka.
ISTD organisers and board members, Freda Sack and John Paul Dowling (education director) talked through the judging process and gave their thanks to the tutors, without whom the scheme would surely flounder. 
Awards being presented by Luke Powell:
 Importantly, there were two commendations awarded to Chia-Lin Lin (who also picked up the Vincent Steer award) from London college of communication (LCC - tutor: Tony Pritchard) and Emile Toledo from University of West England, Bristol - tutor: Gabriel Solomons.
My thanks to the ISTD board for inviting me and as I have said many times on this blog before, it's very important to support organisations such as the ISTD and events such as this. A big thank you to all those members of the ISTD who freely give their time for the benefit of others, in particular, Freda Sack, who has been such an important figure in the society for so many years.
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