Friday, 22 July 2016

Royal Ascot Festival Guide

188 Bet is an international betting website based in the Isle of Man. They cover sporting events and also offer casino, poker and bingo online. As an online company, they rarely commit to paper, but for the occasion of Royal Ascot, they produced this festival guide for their customers, which also included some exclusive offers.
The outer folder is hot foil blocked in metallic copper foil with the company logo and is printed on Colorset Natural 270gsm
...which folds out to a 6pp folder like so:
The middle panel has a tipped on page which is printed on the same material as the booklet. On the right hand side there is an open sided pocket, with logo shaped die cut, which holds the booklet in place. Here is the booklet out of the pocket:
The booklet is 140mm square, it has a 4pp cover on Colorset Natural 270gsm, which is hot foil blocked to match the folder.
Inside is a 16pp text which is printed on our Stardream, Crystal 120gsm. Stardream has a pearlescent finish, which when printed on makes the whole image pearlescent.
...hopefully you can just about see the reflective pearlescent effect on the below image:
The brochure was produced and printed by Herts and Essex printers who are based in Hertford. The text is actually digitally printed on their Nexpress - which interestingly can print up to a size of 340x905mm.
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