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Although titled Industry, Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre’s photographs are a dedicated study of the human story. These images are evidence of our footprint on the earth, they document the relics we leave behind from our endeavours, the shape of the past, the feel of history, an impression of an era on our minds, the ghosts of men, modernist shapes rising out of the ground that were once beacons of technological achievement, testaments to our advancement. Now these cathedrals of industry lay shattered, broken and forgotten, tombs to man’s hubris, a reminder that nothing lasts forever, a reminder that we all will perish and rot one day.

This is the invitation to the private view of the exhibition held at the Tristan Hoare Gallery in September. The front of the invitation is an image from the exhibition photographed by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre and shows Control Room, Kelenfold Power Station, Budapest, Hungary 2012.
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The size of the invitation is A5 (148x210mm), Landscape and is printed Offset Litho. The invitation is printed on our Omnia 320gsm and is triplexed (to 960gsm) making it over 1.5mm thick. The use of Omnia means that the image has reproduced faithfully, as you can see from the detail image below, however the invitation still has an uncoated tactile feel.
The below image shows the 1.5mm thickness...
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You can read more about the work and the exhibition here: http://tristanhoaregallery.co.uk/exhibitions/industry/

Printing is by Paul Martin at Jigsaw Colour printers, based in Bermondsey in South London

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