Friday, 16 October 2009

The American School in London

This is a beautifully designed and produced "mini" prospectus for The American School in London. Design is by Powell Allen. Copy by Howard Fletcher is combined with some splendid portraits and photography by the wonderful Phil Sayer.

There is a strange thing about this job which I can't explain. I have just measured it to give the dimensions and was very surprised to find it is 150x210 - or in other words pretty much A5! BUT it just doesn't feel like an A5 job at all - if you had asked me before I measured it I would definitely have said it felt squarer, definitely portrait, but certainly squarer. Looking at it now I wonder if I get that feeling because the dustjacket isn't full height, coming in at only 180mm high? ...maybe - we shall never know!

Anyway, the dustjacket (on which the type is beautifully foiled in Orange and Grey) works very cleverly with the cover images.
Inside, the book is divided in sections by age with the text being on smaller "tipped in" sections (180x130mm) - again maybe this adds to the square feeling?

And now for the paper plug! It is printed on our Neptune Unique FSC , with a 300gsm Cover, 135gsm Text and 120gsm tip in leaves.

Print is by Push

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