Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Stella McCartney

This is a stunning lookbook for Stella McCartney's new range of sports clothing for Adidas.

Design is by Made Thought.

The job is 230x163mm Portrait and is 72pp and is printed on Omnia 200gsm and 120gsm.
As you will see from the spreads below, the photography (by Tim Barber) really conveys energy and style. Even though the book is divided into eight sporting sections, the design creates lots of space and an uncluttered feel.

The repro, print and finishing is also amazing - by Push. They have made very best of these excellent shots making the printed images really alive and working incredibly well with the substrate.

The finishing requires a special mention. It has an "open" section sewn binding. This is where the book is finished as a conventional section sewn block but glue is applied without the "text block" being placed into a cover. This gives an interesting and unusual effect, which I have seen before but not as well executed as on this job.

...and here are some close ups of the binding:

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