Friday, 15 October 2010


This is a set of Bookmarks which were commissioned by high street and online retailer Urban Outfitters as giveaways (with a purchased book, of course) for their Bookclub.    
 Size is 185x55mm. They are printed on Omnia 320gsm. Originally Chloé wanted to use our Flockage Litho 300gsm and the job was proofed on that, but given the wide range of different illustrative styles, it worked well on some but not so well on others, so Omnia which gives an uncoated and substantial feel to the bookmarks was chosen as it would work with any of the illustrations.

Design and Art Direction is by Chloé Wolfe-Cowen at Urban Outfitters. They are litho printed in CMYK with a single colour reverse. Print is by R. Young and Son in Croydon.

To see all ten bookmarks and details of the designers/illustrators names, look at
...and thanks for the note Chloé.
Posted by Justin Hobson 13.10.2010

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