Wednesday, 6 October 2010

GAP 2010

This is a lovely project produced for Gap this Summer. It consists of an invitation and an A5 lookbook.

The "private view" invitation is an A5 size folding out to A3 and is printed in one colour (silver) on our Astralux 90gsm. Astralux is a one sided "cast coated" substrate which means it is an extremely high gloss coated finish on one side with an uncoated reverse. Very nice for a folded invitation and the silver looks great on it.
The accompanying lookbook has a 4pp cover and a 32pp text, A5 portrait, which is saddle stitched with WHITE staples - an excellent detail. Another lovely feature is the cover being cut 25mm short from the foredge with the 2010 printed on the cover and page one of text, lining up. A really nice touch and relatively inexpensive to do...
It uses a combination of Astralux 115gsm for the cover and our Omnia 120gsm for the text which gives a great coated/uncoated contrast (especially with the cover as described above) but the advantage being that the images work really well on the Omnia - printing as well as if they were on a coated material, as you can see....
Printing is by Absolute Ink who are based in Clapton in London and who work directly with many of the large brands. Art director and designer on the project was Jonathan Baron working in conjunction with the in-house production team at Gap and below is his brand spanky new business card:
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