Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Nobile Folios

I have just received a copy of this really exquisite piece of literature published by Sylph Editions in association with London art gallery, Piano Nobile.
This new series of publications are Monographic explorations of 20th and 21st Century masters. Each booklet explores one painting and one painting only. This picture by Mark Gertler is called 'Bathers 1917-1918' and is set alongside a story called 'Trees at a Sanatorium' specially written for this publication by Shaun Lewis.
There are several facets to this job which it is impossible to appreciate without actually handling the job. The size of  240x282mm just feels right (can't always explain that one!). It has an 8pp cover and a 32pp text. The material choice is perfect - it is Omnia Natural 200gsm cover and 120gsm text which again just 'feels' right. The material and the image work perfectly together with the subtle tactile nature of the Omnia and the brushwork of the painting. The binding is three hole sewn BUT with two lots - which looks great in the red thread.

The publication comes beautifully packaged in a folio box made using our Rib-Tone 1 sided. Comptletely unprinted (and therefore quite economical) the box is held closed by a locking tab and personalised with a belly band - the whole package looks great.
The project is designed and art directed by Ornan Rotem at Sylph Editions with assistance by Num Stibbe and in this job, even the typeface gets credited! 'set in Hoefler and Frere-Jones's Verlag, an affable Modernist typeface, drawing its inspiration from early 20th century rationalist geometric designs such as Futura'

The superb print and finishing is by Principal Colour in Paddock Wood.

Posted by Justin Hobson 20.10.2010

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