Friday, 30 September 2011

Fabergé Horlogerie

This is a most beautifully produced book for the imperial Russian jewellers Fabergé. The company is well known for the famous eggs but over the centuries has also been a watchmaker of note and this book is produced to show the heritage and the current range of timepieces.

Size of the book is 215x215mm square and is casebound. The 56pp text is printed on our Omnia 150gsm which was chosen because of tactile uncoated feel which still prints so that metallics look metallic! It really is beautiully printed and bound. The endpapers are also on our Colorset, Ash 120gsm. The text is printed offset litho in CMYK plus a grey special.

The case is covered in a light grey bookcloth Brillianta 4003 from Winters with a hot foil blocked Fabergé logo, in gunmetal, silver.

Art Direction and design is anonymous.  Print is by Push.
Posted by Justin Hobson 30.09.2011

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