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UK China Art and Design Festival is an annual art and design festival which aims to create an international pageant of art and design through celebrating creativity under two different cultural contexts from the UK and China. It is an official partner of the London Design Festival.

The festival is organized by the UK China Art and Design Association (UCADA), with the official support from the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in the UK and the British Council.

It is structured around four principal events:

Main Exhibition: Cheers2011 – The Catalyst – Collective Exhibition of Chinese Artists and Designers in the UK.

Forums Series: Seminars and conferences for Chinese artists and designers.

Talents of the Year: Annual Awards for Chinese artists and designers

Exhibition tours around China: ...sounds good to me!
Starting in London this Thursday, the festival will celebrate Chinese artists and designers in the UK as an official partner of the London Design Festival. Following this the best examples will be invited to participate in the Beijing International Design Week as part of its London Guest City programme.

Admission to the exhibition is free, places for the talk are limited so please email office@greatwesternstudios to book or call 020 7221 0100

...nothing to do with our paper but I thought it was interesting!
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