Friday, 16 November 2012

OKAY Studio

This is a job from a couple of years ago but it's not really old enough to be a "job from the past" and I've just received some good pictures of it so I thought I'd post it now!

OKAYstudio is a design collective, formed from a core of  RCA graduates (design products course) set up in 2006. Design duo, Cai and Kyn were commissioned to create a brochure for an exhibition, Under the Same Roof, held at London’s Aram Gallery. The work of OKAYstudio is really crafted and hand-made, so the brochure required the same feel.
Being self-funded, the budget was tight and the materials and format had to work within the financial constraints. The size of the brochure is 240x280mm, portrait, saddle stitched - economical out of a B1 sheet and it consists of a 4pp cover and a 48pp text. 
The cover was on our Colorset Solar 270gsm, hot foil blocked in gloss black foil (outside cover only, cover is otherwise unprinted) - in the designer's words "giving it a fancy look without the fancy cost". The text was printed in one colour, black, offset litho, on our Redeem 100% Recycled 70gsm. Images are all halftones - they look great and in no way makes this feel like an economy job - this is probably in no small way helped by the quality of the photography, by Luke Hayes.
This is simply one of the most impressive pieces of literature for the least amount of money that I have worked on in the past few years. No sponsorship was involved, no freebie paper, no deals done on the price - it just required thought and dedication. Print and finishing is by Kent based printer Zone Graphics.
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