Friday, 8 August 2014

CSM Show Directory

This is a student directory that provides an index of students exhibiting at the 2014 BA (Hons) Graphic Design Degree Show. Not only does it list all the students but there is also a map and a pocket on the inside back cover to collect business cards.
For interest, I posted about the show here:
The whole package is held together with a blue rubber band and they thoughtfully provided a pencil! Size of the publication is 148mm square. It has a 4pp cover from Colorset 270gsm and a 16pp text on StarFine White 115gsm.
Printed offset litho in just one colour (black) - a lovely feature is the use of black wire on the stitches. A lovely detail.
The pocket on the inside back cover includes a map which has been riso printed (unfortunately I don't have any further details on that)
6pp concertina map - Riso printed
The course leader is Alan Baines. The print team that produced the publication (all graduating students) are Brian Lo, Isabelle Mattern, Katharina Gilbert and they had help and guidance from Martin McGrath, who's an Associate Lecturer in Design & Interaction.

Printing is by Ripping Image based in London SE1
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