Friday, 22 August 2014

My Card

This post is basically a 're-blog' ...a bit of a cheat really!
The renowned London based studio, Atelier Works have recently printed their new business cards. They are printed letterpress on our Colorset White 350gsm - simply and beautifully produced.
Their blog post about the printing and craft of letterpress printing is superbly written, so I'm not going to do anymore than suggest you click on the following link and read their post: 
The three partners at Atelier Works are Quentin Newark, John Powner and Ian Chilvers.

Cards are printed on Colorset 100% recycled 350gsm and are printed by Phil Abel at Hand & Eye Letterpress, who are based in a charmingly characterful railway arch in Shadwell, London E1 ...but you'll know that already, if you've taken my advice and read their blog link!
Posted by Justin Hobson 22.08.2014

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