Friday, 10 October 2014

1973 Letterpress Collection

This is a superb new range of greeting cards from greeting card designer, publisher ...and now printer - Nineteen seventy three!

Based in Brighton, 1973 bought their first Heidelberg press over a year ago and are now in full production with many different designs.

The 4pp cards are 170x120mm, portrait and they are printed on our Colorset 100% Recycled 270gsm in the Natural shade. the Colorset is just perfect for letterpress as it's high bulk and compressibility allows the impression to sink into the board.
Here is a selection from the range. Some are just printed in one colour, although most designs are printed in two colours, sometimes incorporating something unusual such as a fluorescent ink.
...the picture below shows the detail of the card titled 'Paradise letterpressed' and is an ingenious design, printed in 3 colours.
...and the image below shows the texture of the board with the fluoro orange sitting in the Colorset Natural 270gsm beautifully:
You can see the whole range here:
Posted by Justin Hobson 10.10.2014

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