Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Coca-Cola Life

Last year, Coca-Cola introduced their new Coca-Cola Life drink which incorporates naturally sourced stevia leaf extract as a sweetener, which also has less calories. The promotion which uses the "sweetness from natural sources" strapline, dictated that a more natural, earthy look and feel would be needed for the promotion.
Traditionally, bottle hangers for drinks would normally be produced on a coated paper, often with a gloss lamination for extra strength. However, in this instance, that would have give the wrong look and feel, so the material chosen is our Omnia 200gsm.
Omnia has a high bulk and stiffness but the overall print result would appear more natural with a tactile feel. To give additional strength but to maintain the natural feel, a matt lamination was added on both sides, but in the interests of the natural product a bio-degradable/compostable lamination film was used.
The 4pp card is 78mm x 70mm, portrait plus the bottle neck cut out. All the bottle hangers were produced for Boots and WH Smith.

Print production is by Colour Five, who are based in West London. They have an offset litho press which is equipped to use UV cured inks, which means that not only can they print on paper, but can cope easily well with printing on plastics too.
Thanks to Andy Kyle at Colour Five for sharing some samples with me.

Posted by Justin Hobson 20.01.2015

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