Friday, 6 March 2015

Hello Handsome!

Here's a cracking new range of Father's Day cards from independent greeting card publisher Blue Eyed Sun. The 'Hello Handsome' range cards are all 160mm square and are sold through the trade to card shops and retailers they are in the shops now!

The cards are printed CMYK, offset litho on our Rib-Tone, 2 sided which is a natural unbleached brown 'kraft' shade with a feint rib and a 100% recycled inner board.
One of the interesting things about Rib-Tone is that although it is a brown shade, it provides a very neutral background for what is printed on it and therefore is one of the few substrates that seems obvious yet, almost becomes invisible and doesn't interfere with the design.
The cards are designed and published by Blue Eyed Sun. Design is by Jo Corner. The cards are printed by Graphite Creative who are based in St Albans.

Blue Eyed Sun is an award winning greeting card company based in Brighton established fifteen years ago. They specialise in handmade and high end design-led cards, which are now sold around the world by some of the best know retailers including Harrods, John Lewis etc.

Joint founder and managing director Jeremy Corner is a leading figure in the greeting card world. He is instrumental within the 'Ladder Club' which helps aspiring greeting card publishers and is on the council of the Greeting Card Association (GCA). He is a real advocate for the industry ...and he still finds time to be a regular blogger!
Posted by Justin Hobson 06.03.2015

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