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Curious Iconic Craft

This is one of the most stunning projects produced last year on our paper. Read on and be amazed....!

For anyone interested in magazine design, Little White Lies and Huck would be two independent magazine titles that you'd be aware of and would probably collect. The agency The Church of London was founded on 5 January and Little White Lies first hit the shelves on 12 March 2005. After eight years, the founders Danny Miller, Rob Longworth, Paul Willoughby and Alex Capes stepped away from the agency and the titles. Danny Rob and Paul formed a new creative agency called Human After All.

Their leaving present to their fans was to produce a limited edition publication packed with insights into how the two titles have been put together, a fantastic resource for those interested in magazine design. The book is titled  Curious Iconic Craft.

They decided to fund the project by Kickstarter and you can see their entry on the link below - needless to say it was overfunded!
The size of the publication is 245mm x 200mm portrait with 4pp outer cover, 2x2pp 'end papers' cover, tip ins and a 96pp text. The publication is what I would describe as a 'double-ender' - the cover and text read one way and then you turn it over and it reads the other way. The image below, shows the way the cover works:
The cover is printed on Omnia 320gsm, with a 'soft touch' film lamination and is hot foil blocked with a gloss black foil - looks and feels beautiful!
The reason for the book being produced like this is that one half the book is about Little White Lies and one half is about Huck.
The LWLies text section is 40pp and is printed offset litho in CMYK with a fluorescent pink pantone special. End paper (l/h side) is printed in pantone silver on  Zeta Linen Embossed,150gsm
The text pages are printed on Omnia White 150gsm and the result is simply stunning. Whether a photographic image, illustration or just solids, this paper really has performed - it is truly remarkable.

In the centre there are two 'tip ins' on Colorset Nero 170gsm section printed in silver PMS 877. Looks fantastic just printed in one colour silver and the line illustrations just work amazingly. Additionally there is a 16pp section printed in one colour on a light green 160gsm uncoated paper (Papago) for the 'learning section'. The whole publication is full of key insights and attention to detail, including: how to create a cover illustration, how to design a custom typeface, original sketches and behind-the-scenes work.
Birds eye view (click on image to enlarge)
The HUCK text section is also 40pp and is printed offset litho in CMYK with a fluorescent green pantone special. End paper (l/h side) is printed in pantone silver on  Zeta Linen Embossed,150gsm.
The publication is section sewn using black thread. Another lovely detail.
Curious Iconic Craft is published and designed by the studio by Human After All. Creative Directors are Danny Miller, Rob Longworth, Paul Willoughby. Production handled by Hannah El-Boghdady.
The book was printed and produced by Jigsaw Colour. The complexity of the publication with the endpapers, soft touch cover, with foil and "tip ins" made this a truly challenging project to deliver, but the print and finishing are both absolutely superb.

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