Thursday, 13 August 2015

...and now for something not about paper!

Cai and Kyn is a design partnership run by two brothers, who are also both dad's and they have just launched a blog dedicated to dads who have a passion for design. The content varies from Q&A’s with industry leading design dads - finding out how they manage work and family life to super cool kid and dad related Apps, books, products and clothing.

They've only just started the blog but there's already lots of interesting stuff - take a look Dads and Design . You can subscribe to the newsletter and follow on twitter, facebook etc The objective is to try and build a collective of dad’s that are all adding content, bringing their own experience and expertise, and adding to the overall voice of the blog. So if you’re interested, or know of anyone who you think might be interested please get in touch with Cai and Kyn through the blog.

There's a really interesting article by Jamie Ellul of Supple Studio about making time for the family, while still running a successful studio. Very interesting.
 Have a read and enjoy ...(I'm sure Mum's are welcome too!)
Posted by Justin Hobson 13.08.2015

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