Thursday, 20 August 2015

Nocturne Spring/Summer

Nocturne is a London brand of integrated jewellery and ready-to-wear. Nocturne is gaining a global cult following for innovative handwork in definitive shapes with eclectic colour compositions. Nocturne has been under the creative lead of Catherine Howkins since 2011 working from their design studio based in Dalston, East London.
This is the lookbook from the last Spring/Summer collection. Size is 290x225mm. It is produced on our Marazion Ultra, with a 4pp cover on 135gsm and 20pp text on 115gsm.
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Many of the spreads alternate between full spreads or images per page or just overlapping and on some spreads there's even a completely blank page which creates a luxurious feeling of space.
 The deliberately lightweight feel allows the pages to flow freely and to sit flat, allowing for perfect read-overs. The material is perfectly chosen with the Marazion Ultra having a lightweight, matt look and feel but with the images reproducing beautifully with great clarity and detail. It's a very engaging piece of literature. You can see from the image below, the way it flops and flows easily:
A lovely feature is the black wire used for the saddle stitching, a quality touch.
Art Direction and design is by Everything in Between, Creative partners are Arran Scott-Lidgett and Sarah Carr. Print is by Push (superb fleshtone reproduction)
Posted by Justin Hobson 20.07.2015

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