Monday, 31 October 2016

Lunch & Learn at Curious is a creative and branding studio based in the heart of Covent Garden in London. Their work is for a diverse range of clients from property and insurance to beverages and electrical goods. Every month or so, they invite a speaker from different area of the creative industry to talk about their work and inspire the creative team. Previous speakers include Michiel Cremers, Peter Flade, Adam Hinton and Tim Milne ...and this month, it was me!
Curious designed a series of ten A3 posters, which were displayed around the studio, so everyone was aware I was coming and wouldn't miss out!
The talk was on the subject of 10 reasons why paper choice is important and I illustrated the subject with 10 amazing pieces of work from my amazing world at Fenner Paper!
Each of the posters had one of the ten reasons behind the turned over paper corner:
 ....which was reminiscent of our old logo! marks to Gary Smith (Creative Director) for remembering
After the pizzas arrived, over the next hour, I spoke about ten different projects, where (in my opinion) paper and the selection of the right paper had really made a difference to the end project. Below I am talking about the Towerscan project - an art project which involved the printed item also making a 3D model of the tower block.
...and below, a spectacular project for Walt Disney called "That's Donald" produced by Pentagram in 1994.
That's Donald was profiled in an article in Creative Review in May 1994, also appearing on the front cover ...and yes, you've guessed it, I still have a copy in the archive! 
I thoroughly enjoyed it and I hope that racing through these ten amazing projects didn't give anyone indigestion. You can read more about it here.

Thanks to Gary Smith for organising it and all at Curious for making me so welcome, and thank you for my lovely (excellent quality) tote bag...
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