Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Olly Burn Photographer

Olly Burn is a London based photographer and this piece of print is his superbly produced promotional brochure printed last year. 

On his website, Olly Burn describes himself as "lucky to be shooting in some of the world’s most beautiful and challenging locations" ...and this piece of literature certainly goes to prove that point, with locations including Jamaica and Cuba.
The size is 420x297mm, portrait, which is a very large format but gives the images an amazing amount of space. The book has a 4pp cover with a 44pp text and a 'dustjacket' forming a double sided poster wrapping around the cover. The below image shows the inside of the wrap, with the outside of the folded wrap on top.
The below image shows the actual 'cover' underneath the wrap which lists the projects and assignments profiled in the book.
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A beautiful feature is the 'singer sewn' binding using green thread which matches the text colour on the cover.
Wrap, cover and text are all printed on our Omnia which gives it that dead matt, tactile feel but with great reproduction. Wrap is on 120gsm, cover on 200gsm and 44pp text on 150gsm 

The piece has a fantastic feel - solid flat areas of colour work amazingly well - it is difficult for me to say too much more about it - see the images below, they speak for the job...
When I was taking these images for the blog, I saw something on the spread above that I thought was on the page and went to brush it away - however it was in/on the printed image. Mud, which appears so three dimensional in both the image and the printed result that it really looks amazing, as I hope the detail below demonstrates: 
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"All my photography revolves around interaction and capturing genuine moments. The interaction between myself, my subjects and their environments is what inspires me to take pictures." — Olly Burn. You can read more about this project on his website here.
Below image shows outside back cover (on left) with the jacket on the right.
Below shows detail of inside centre spread showing singer sewing.
It's always difficult on this blog to give a sense of scale! -so below is the brochure next to a 2 litre bottle of spring water...
Choice of the paper weights is just right, allowing it to flop open and flow in the hand.
Singer sewing gives it a crafted feel and allows it to open fully, making the best of the large format spreads.
Design and production is by Mark and Chris Thomson at Studio Thomson. The exceptional repro, printing and finishing is by Push print in London.

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