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Jobs from the past - Number 91

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by.
Earth Centre - 1998
The Earth Centre in Doncaster was intended to "establish a world centre for sustainable development promoting the best environmental and sustainable practice" and opened in 1999 in Conisbrough, near Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

In 1995 the Millennium Commission made an award of £41.6 million to Earth Centre which became one of its Landmark Millennium projects. From 1996 work progressed on the remediation of the remaining land and the design and construction of the many buildings and exhibitions. Phase 1 was only just completed in time for the gala opening in 1999.

This brochure was produced to promote the centre, to be received by the press and sponsors and used as a mission statement.

The brochure is covered in a full size sleeve (below)
Image below shows the brochure going into the sleeve:
Front cover....
The brochure is designed and produced by Cartlidge Levene in London. The size of the publication is 240x330mm, Landscape and is a 40pp 'self cover'.
Introduction by Tony Blair, the then Prime Minister
Click on images to enlarge
The whole publication is printed in just one colour, but in the middle, there is a colourful surprise! ...a 12pp concertina fold which fits perfectly and snugly in the middle spread.
Below image shows the 12pp concertina fold:
The 12pp concertina is 240x325mm, folding out to 1950mm long! how was this printed? - simple, it was printed on one sheet of B1 (700x1000mm) and has a nifty 7mm 'tab' which enables the sheet to glued end to end. Neat, simple solution. 
In keeping with the subject, a paper with green credentials was required. Rather than just using a recycled range, the paper chosen was Mais Carta 120gsm. This paper was made by FAVINI in Italy and was made partly using the agricultural waste from Maize production together with recycled paper fibres ...a forerunner of our current CRUSH range. Mais Carta as a range is no longer produced. 
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Outside back cover:
Job is saddle stitched...
Being a landscape format and on 120gsm, it flopped and folded beautifully in the hand:
Printing was by Pillans and Wilson in Edinburgh, but they collapsed in 1999. Main photography is by Peter Marlow, Magnum Photos. Design is by Cartlidge Levene ...and as I think you can appreciate from the images, this was a very contemporary piece of graphic design.

Unfortunately ...
"Following Earth Centre progress was a roller coaster ride of false starts, wild hopes and dashed plans." The Guardian

The Earth Centre sadly closed its doors after going bankrupt in 2004, having never reached it's potential or the majority of the planned features.
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