Thursday, 13 May 2010

Tactical A.U. Identity

Here's a lovely new piece of identity work by D8 in Glasgow. Tactical A.U. is a new artists support and ‘creative realization’project which aims to develop, support and advance the artistic ambitions of Scottish based artists both here in the UK and abroad as well as continue to work with some of the most exciting and challenging artists in Europe.
The letterheads are on Colorset Ash 120gsm, printed 1 colour litho and "Microdot foil". The business cards are on Trojan Whiteback 400gsm with black foil and 'Microdot' foil and 3mm forme cut radius corners.

This is a really good example of mixing materials with great effect. With many of projects I work on, people are obsessed about having everything matching (including self ashesive labels!) Sometimes this is necessary but quite often if the identity is strong enough, mixing the materials used can be a really positive asset to the identity.
Print and foiling by Ian Stopford at IST

Design by David Coyle at D8 in Glasgow and thanks for the lovely note as well (you'd never guess that their letterhead was on Colorset Solar!):
Posted by Justin Hobson 12.05.2010

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