Friday, 21 May 2010

Typeface - The Movie

This Wednesday evening, I went to watch a film! I was kindly invited to the screening of a film called Typeface which was screened at the London College of Communication at the Elephant and Castle in London and hosted by Alex Cooper and Rose Gridneff at the Letterpress workshop at the LCC.

The film is directed by Justine Nagan and is about a rural US midwestern type museum and print shop. The museum is based in the old Hamilton Company's wood type manufacturing factory in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.
It is a fascinating film which not only gives a great insight into the roots and manufacturing of woodblock type and it's increasing use as a design and artistic medium but also documents life in small town America.

Follow this link to read about the film:
After the screening, there was a tour of the Letterpress workshop and some drinks!

Below is Alex Cooper talking to letterpress legend Bill Naylor.
It was a most enjoyable evening and great to see so many students and practising designers there.

Sandra Kemp, Head of College, is very supportive of the Letterpress Workshop and announced that they will soon be running Summer School courses which I think will attract a lot of interest amongst graphic designers.

Thank you to all those involved, especially Alex Cooper, Rose Gridneff, Sandra Kemp, Les Claridge and Millie Langlands.

Posted by Justin Hobson 21.05.2010

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