Tuesday, 7 September 2010

D&AD New Blood 2010

Promoting D&AD's showcase of the best student work (New Blood) is a tricky job. While the spotlight is firmly on the graduates, the invitation needs to attract a wide range of visitors from the creative industry.

NB: Studio created a series of A1 posters for the 2010 New Blood campaign  "Sorry old blood, the new blood has arrived". Photographed by the now eponymous David Stewart, the images show how the creative elite might react once the new students unveil their work ...exhaust pipe through the car window, gun to the head, jump off a tall building etc. 

The A1 posters which folded down to A5 were printed on Offenbach Bible in 60gsm because at this weight (and if folded correctly - i.e. concertina and concertina, therefore allowing all air to escape) there are no "crows feet" appearing - if you're not familiar with that term, it's where a rather ugly crease appears parallel to the fold.

This is the A5 folded example:
Which concertina's out to this:
To reveal the A1 size poster:
As in previous years, it's famous faces that get the interest up, so characters such as Michael Wolff, Dick Powell all seemingly declaring "I won't be there, 'cos I've topped myself!"  - eyecatching stuff!

Here are some of the other images:

Creative Directors are Nick Finney and Alan Dye. Designer is Ed Wright.

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