Thursday, 23 September 2010

UCL Admission of New Fellows 2010

This is a special piece of literature from Studio Special!

This publication has been produced for UCL and is for the admission of new fellows at the ceremony held this summer. The design uses a "rolled up scroll" motif in multiple colours, together with a warm grey background. The cover has been very subtely hot foil blocked in silver foil.
The job is an unusual 180x250mm size, portrait format. It has an 8pp cover with 135mm flaps and a 24pp text. It is printed on Omnia 200gsm cover and 150gsm text which in my opinion is absolutely the right weight  relationship for text and cover if it's an 8pp cover.

Design is by David Lovelock and Sally Oldfield at Studio Special based in Hatton Garden in London. Print is by Calverts in London and it's been very nicely done as that warm grey is not the easiest colour to get consistency with all over the sheet.
And thanks to Sally for the lovely note:
Posted by Justin Hobson 23.09.2010

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