Friday, 17 September 2010

Rapha in Norddal

If you are familiar with cycling brand Rapha, then you'll know that they stand for quality and as you might expect their literature is produced in an exemplary way.

I have been sent a couple of jobs printed on our paper which are just superb. The two jobs I show here are part of the same set produced in 2009.  Both jobs use photography taken by Ben Ingham in a remote part of Norway called Norddal.

Firstly there is the lookbook which is a 24pp self cover. The size is 150x195mm, portrait, saddle stitched, produced on our Neptune Unique SoftWhite 155gsm.  The natural shade gives this job a really classic feel and works really well with the four colour black and whites and the muted colours.
Centre spread:
Now this job is paired with a slightly larger job which is produced purely as a photographic piece, all printed in CMYK black & white and what an amazing piece this is too. It is 170x225mm Portrait, has an 8pp cover and 12pp text and is "singer sewn" with a natural colour thread. It is also printed on Neptune Unique SoftWhite but this time all on 250gsm.
and so you can see an uniniterupted shot without a spine getting in the way (!)  here's a pic that's available as a download from the Rapha site:
The designer for both jobs is Ultan Coyle working for Rapha and the superb repro, print and finishing is by Orchid Print.
Posted by Justin Hobson 17.09.2010

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