Thursday, 2 June 2011

Jobs from the past - Number 20

Regular followers of this blog will know that my first post of every month is a "job from the past" so that I can show some of the really good work from years gone by...

V&A  1998-2001 Report
This is the triennial report of the board of trustees published in 2001 under the title: Inspiration and Knowledge, this report is very much aimed at answering the question "what is the V&A for?" 

It is a conventional A4 landscape size. The perfect bound document is made up of a 4pp cover, 34pp text and a seperate 4pp dustjacket. The highlight of the piece is the use of the V&A logo which is die cut out of the dustjacket behind which is the image of a tapestry (Neptune and Cupid plead for the lovers -Mortlake). The bold use of the now iconic V&A logo (Designed by Pentagram - Alan Fletcher 1989) is striking and purposeful.

The spreads use a different colour for each of the subjects covered in the report - all of which are deliberately kept to one right hand page, each working with an appropriately striking image on the left hand page. 
The review is printed on our Concorde Pure Silk which is a triple coated silk. Cover is on 350gsm, text on 170gsm and the dustjacket on 200gsm. At 200gsm, it's heavier than one would normally use for a dustjacket but it needs to be that heavy to work with the large die-cut logo.

Design was by London based studio HGV and creative director on the project was Pierre Vermeir. Editor was Jeremy Myerson. Sadly, after 21 years  HGV closed it's doors in 2009, when Pierre Vermeir took a position as creative director at an agency in Bangkok. Pierre passed the HGV legacy and his clients to senior designer, Tommy Taylor who formed Alphabetical and who still works with many of the former HGV clients.

Print was by Gavin Martin, who as regular blog readers will know are still producing excellent work and also working on V&A projects - see previous post:
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