Wednesday, 7 March 2012

...not just a business card.

Now, it's said that a lot can be told from someone's business card and here's an identity project which makes the business card tell a story by being beautifully and cleverly interactive.

Privacy International is a human rights 'watchdog' organisation focused on privacy intrusions by government and businesses. The London based organisation has a network in 46 countries and are frequently called upon to give expert testimony to parliamentary and government committees in countries around the world including the United Nations.

The "redacted" business card is all about protecting personal information:

I certainly can't add anything to what the pictures already show - a truly brilliant piece. 

The identity (including the cards) is by London based design agency, This is Real Art. Creative Director is Paul Belford and Head of Design is Martin Brown.

I should of course mention that they are printed on our lovely Avebury Recycled Wove 250gsm (50% recycled and FSC certified). Print (and perforations of course) is by Chapter Press.

Posted by Justin Hobson 07.03.2012

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