Friday, 18 May 2012

The Post Office in Pictures

This is a really well considered invitation. The Post Office in Pictures is an exhibition showcasing iconic photographic images sourced from The Royal Mail Archive.

In 1933 Sir Stephen Tallents was appointed Public Relations Officer to the General Post Office (GPO) and so began a major project to promote the range of postal services to the British public.

One initiative was the establishment of The Post Office Magazine, intended to give a sense of shared community, camaraderie and endeavour. In order to do this, the GPO employed photographers to create beautiful, informative and often humorous photographs of the Post Office at work. While the photographic documentation of the Post Office at work in the community has continued to today, this exhibition will celebrate photographs from the BPMA collection covering the 1930s to the 1990s.

This piece of print is the invitation to the private view of the exhibition opening in Swindon.

The size is 148mm wide, 140mm high. It opens as a gatefold, left to right and with small flaps on top and bottom, creating a sense of mail/envelope, without actually being one!
It is printed on our Omnia 320gsm and the sepia coloured imagery post office red solids are litho printed out of CMYK which works really well with Omnia with it's matt flat nature - it also has a light natural tint on the inside spread which is sympathetic to the image. The printed red band on the outside has a gloss UV varnish giving the effect of a piece of packing tape - very simple and effective (and of course it's worth pointing out because UV varnish works exceptionally well on Omnia)

Design duo Cai and Kyn (who are brothers) were comissioned to design the exhibition including choosing the final photographs, all printed material and the exhibition stands/walls/furniture.

Repro, print and finishing is by Orchid Print.

Anyway the good news is that you haven't missed the exhibition itself, as it's actually opening in London at the Lumen Church Gallery ( in Tavistock Place - tonight!
...and runs until 31st August - and the good news is it's free entry.
Posted by Justin Hobson 18.05.2012

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