Wednesday, 12 February 2014

This week is Green the LCC

Green Week is an event hosted at the London College of Communication (LCC) where staff and students are encouraged to take part in workshops, talks, installations and exhibitions. This year the subject of Green Week is SURVIVAL and during the week, the events will seek to investigate how designers, filmmakers, journalists, photographers and communicators are responding to the issues of our time.

The programme for the week has been printed at the LCC on their own Heidelberg B2 press by the resident technicians Tony Yard and Scott House. 
The booklet is 148x105mm (A6) portrait and is a 16pp self cover - which is a very "green" format - that is to say it is made up out of one SRA3 sheet which maximises both the press format and the paper. The book shows the timetable of events happening throughout the five days (10-14th February 2014)
The edge of each of the pages is coloured, which relates to the timetable in the front. A nice touch although this makes it more challenging from a print finishing point of view, but as you can see from the picture below, it's been very successfully achieved.
The programme is printed on our Shiro Echo, White 80gsm (100% recycled) from Favini in Italy - just perfect for Green Week. Printed CMYK offset litho throughout.
Publication design is by Tom Box. Cover illustration is by Josie Molloy.
There are many events which are free to go to, so have a look at the links below and see if one takes your fancy.
Conscientious Communicators was formed in 2011 at London College of Communication to develop and consolidate a community of practice around environmental and social creativity. Thanks to Course Director, Sarah Temple for getting me involved.
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