Friday, 19 August 2016

Jimmy Choo - Bridal 2016

Founded in 1996, Jimmy Choo is now an iconic luxury fashion brand defined by an empowered sense of glamour and a confident sense of style. This is the beautiful new brochure for the 2016 bridal range....
The size is 210x148mm (A5) portrait and is saddle stitched. The publication has a 4pp cover with a 16pp text.
The 4pp cover is printed on our Omnia 280gsm. The cover is printed CMYK on the outside cover and is unprinted on the inside covers. The front cover is embossed where the Jimmy Choo brandmark appears - unfortunately my photographic skills (and equipment!) mean I can't capture this, however the image below shows the embossing as it appears on the inside front cover. Omnia is a very bulky sheet, so it embosses superbly, taking a deep embossing superbly.
The 16pp text is also printed on our Omnia in 120gsm. The weights are just right, 280gsm and 120gsm combination opening nicely with the pages turning well.
Click on images to enlarge
It is printed offset litho in four colour process throughout. As always (...this is the plug for the paper!) the images look superb on the Omnia; the fleshtones and the reproduction of the voile, jewels and metallic images is great - keeping all the detail in those heavy areas of CMYK together with uncoated paper tactility which would be lost on other papers.
...below is a small detail from the spread above - superb reproduction.
Another piece of nice detailing is the use of copper wire on the saddle stitching - just a lovely touch -not a high cost extra, but demonstrates great attention to detail.
Art direction and design is by the design studio at Jimmy Choo and the designer on the project is Sinnie Chong. The peerless print and print production is by Gavin Martin Colournet.

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