Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Project D A/W 2011

Project D is the exciting new clothing label designed by founders Danni Minogue and her friend Tabitha Somerset-Webb whom is already an established designer. The first collection launched last year to great acclaim and the range contains pretty day dresses, cocktail chic and glamorous red-carpet-ready dresses ( can probably tell I didn't write that last bit!) For the forthcoming Autumn/Winter 2011 collection they have produced this superb new lookbook.

The size is 170x240mm, portrait. It is made up using 32pp of our Omnia 150gsm which is just simply stunning with the images used. The cover and translucent dividers printed (and hot foil blocked on the cover) on 100gsm tracing paper (not ours - I'm waiting to find out and will hopefully add this detail in) is printed in a rich, deep red. The finishing is "singer sewn" along the spine - absolutely beautiful.

Design is by Anthony Hodgson at Face based in Pool in Wharfedale near Leeds. Printing, including the lovely hot foil blocking on the cover, is by Chapter Press. It is a beautiful piece of literature.
Posted by Justin Hobson 31.08.2011

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