Friday, 26 August 2011


This is an unusual but very effective use of our Omnia text and cover paper - all the branding material for a new London based Gallery called WORK.

WORK is a new gallery set up by Black Dog Publishing to exhibit work, host exhibitions and talks in the areas of art, design and achitecture. It is based in Kings Cross area of London.

The extremely simple but effective identity is Litho printed in black and hot foil blocked in a gloss black foil. Letterheads are on Omnia 120gsm, cards on 320gsm.
...and here was the other attraction of using Omnia for their literature. Because the work feature in the gallery could be of a diverse nature, they wanted an uncoated but that would reproduce well over a wide range of imagery - and in this case, an image which was also gloss UV varnished. The A5, 2pp invitation (printed on Omnia 320gsm) was also duplexed, making it a sturdy 640gsm.

Art Direction and design is by Matt Bucknall at Black Dog Publishing. The print, foiling and duplexing was by SP Litho in Rainham, Essex - an excellent job, really well produced.
...and thanks to Matt for the lovely note and for sending me some files:

Posted by Justin Hobson 26.08.2011

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