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Most people will be familiar with the name Biba. Starting as a mail order company in the early sixties and becoming a global fashion phenomenon by the early seventies, Biba became one of the great symbols of swinging London. Biba closed its doors in 1975 but was relaunched in September 2010 (exclusively at House of Fraser).
A lookbook for the re-launch was designed and produced by London based creative agency, Exposure.

The size of the book is 235x170mm, portrait, perfect bound. The 4pp cover is on Notturno 300gsm (a black board) and is hot foil blocked in gold on the outside cover. The 52pp test is printed on our Omnia 200gsm which, although quite heavy for text, really works because of the gilt (gold) edge which runs around the page edges (if you click on the image, you should be able to see the edge).
...and as you can see from the spreads below, the Omnia has worked amazingly well with the solid black and images:
Art Director on the project was Simon Boniface. The photography is by Leandro Farina.

Print and print production including the superb foiling and gilt edging was by Chapter Press.
It is quite simply, one of those jobs that you look at and go WOW!
Posted by Justin Hobson 14.10.2011

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  1. Very nice job Mr.H, very nice indeed !

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    Nick V


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