Friday, 17 March 2017

De Worde

This is a type sample booklet for a brand new typeface by type designer, Jeremy Tankard. Designed to celebrate the 60th anniversary of The Wynkyn de Worde Society, the De Worde typeface takes inspiration from the italic that the printer publisher Wynkyn de Worde used. He was the first to introduce this letter style to English publishing with his printing of Lucian’s ‘Complures dialogi’ of 1528.
Size of the publication is 255x150mm, portrait and is three hole sewn, in keeping with a style of binding that would have been familiar even in the 16th century ...before the invention of staples!
The cover is printed on our brand new Remake (Smoke) 250gsm from Favini. It is a mid grey with a subtle fleck. Remake is made from the discarded residue of the leather manufacturing process and is a revolutionary example of ‘upcycling’. This unique and innovative paper replaces 25% of wood tree pulp with leather residues.
The text pages are printed on another Favini product called Shiro Echo, white 120gsm which is a 100% recycled range. It has a 'neutral' white shade which is perfect for the reproduction of type. 
Below shows the centre spread with the red thread on the three hole sewing.
Detail showing the binding.
Text is printed two colours, red and black throughout, including the fabulous solid red spreads.  Printed offset litho throughout.
The cover is printed offset litho and hot foil blocked in white and red.
Design is by Alistair Hall at We Made This. Printing is by Typecast based in Paddock Wood in Kent and the hot foil blocking is by Benwells.
Posted by Justin Hobson 17.03.2017

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